Eating Healthy on a Budget

West Prince Yogi

I have heard it a thousand times; “I can not afford to eat healthy” “It’s too expensive to eat healthy” “Junk food is cheaper then healthy snacks” “It takes too much time to cook healthy”

Yes and no. Pre made, prepared “Healthier” choices are often pricier and more convenient than heading out to the grocery store to find and buy all the ingredients, then find time to make dinner.

After making the shift from vegetarian to vegan a year ago, my eating habits changed and I struggled to keep my calories in a healthy range for myself. I slowly gained weight, over twenty pounds in 14 months. Without compromising my beliefs, I knew I had to make some changes.

As a busy business owner and fur mom, time is valuable thus I knew I had to be organized. I quickly picked five recipes I knew would stay fresh in the fridge for a couple weeks and made a shopping list. I then scheduled a couple evenings to “meal prep”.

After spending $97.48 at the grocery and bulk store, I was able to make enough meals for two weeks! The meals and snacks were satisfying, hearty and most importantly, vegan! I chose recipes that were easy to make and did not require a million ingredients which can be difficult to find or pricey: Tofu Scrabbled ‘eggs’, Chana Masala, Tomato Sauce with Zucchini noodles, Red Lentil/ Chickpea curry with rice, pesto dip for raw veggies and Chia Pudding.

A grand total of $6.96 a day for two weeks resulting in healthy, satisfying, vegan meals taking approximately five hours of prep. Having my meals ready to go not only saved time throughout the day but saved money and resulted in a few lost pounds.

With some organization and a little time set aside to prep, it is possible to eat healthy on a budget and look forward to meal time.

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